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Samstag, 6-5-2017  

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Are you looking for display fireworks in all colours and variations? Then look no further than Dynamic Fireworks. Here you can find all kind of display fireworks for all occasions. From fountains and mines to huge barrages and cakes, anything is possible at Dynamic Fireworks. We have showrooms in Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk, so we can help you in person, or an extensive online shop. Here you can buy many kinds of fireworks, such as spinning wheels, fountains, mines, barrages, cakes or candles. Supplementary products are also available, such as Chinese flying lanterns, indoor fireworks or indoor ice fountains. We can also provide display fireworks for special occasions, such as weddings, parties and civil partnerships. Buy your fireworks now from our online store of come visit us in one of our showrooms.

Spectacular and big display fireworks

The most popular kinds of display fireworks are without a doubt barrages and cakes. These types of fireworks have become more and more popular in the recent years, with many customers favouring them over rockets. The main advantage of barrages and cakes is their simplicity. You only have to set them up once by placing them in the desired position and then light them. The barrages and cakes are wired such that by lighting the one fuse all the fireworks will fire in a predetermined sequence, creating a beautiful fireworks display. You do not have to do anything and even the timing is perfect with a barrage or cake. Their reach is big and they can put on quite a show, with little effort from you. Rockets have the same reach as barrages and often bigger, but can be difficult to set up correctly. Not only do you need to position them safely and correctly you also need to light them individually. However, rockets can carry a bigger bang and thus less rockets are needed for a spectacular display. At the end of the day it is up to your personal preference what you want. We carry many kinds of barrages, cakes and rockets, so you can always choose the display fireworks that best fits your use case. For small on the ground displays candles, fountains and mines can be used. These are smaller kinds of display fireworks, which fire off low to ground but can still put on quite a show. Candles fire off small pieces of fireworks, one after another, whereas fountains and mines fire continuously for a small amount of time. They can be very spectacular when the correct type is chosen. For an even more spectacular effect we recommend you combine different kinds of fireworks. If you do not want or are unable to fire your fireworks outside we also carry an assortment of indoor fireworks, which can be fired safely inside. Combining the smaller display fireworks with the big barrages and cakes can also be quite a spectacular effect. You fire the bigger fireworks and the time it takes to set up the next big piece you fill up with smaller fireworks.

Professional service

If you need advice or just want to know more you can always contact us or visit one of our showrooms. Not only can we advise you on what fireworks to buy, we can also set up an entire show for you. We work with professionals to give you the best show possible, tailored to your occasion. We use the latest in digital firing technology to ensure a perfect show. Interested? Come visit or contact us, so we can help you make your special occasion that little bit more special Read More..

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