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Sonntag, 14-10-2018  

Entrepreneurs who start a company in the Netherlands make a perfect step in their career. The Netherlands is a perfect country to establish your way into the international business. Thanks to their international position, companies form all over the world see Netherlands as one of the countries to establish a location. Intercompany Solutions offers services to arrange these initiatives. They start with informing companies about the necessary arrangements to take care of before they locate in the Netherlands. Registrations, addresses and bank accounts are needed to start a company in the Netherlands. It begins with choosing a structure for the company and the Netherlands has different kinds of structures. You don’t need to start a large business to register as a company. If you are a small or middle company, Intercompany Solutions can help you as well in the procedures to follow. If you want to start a large business like a limited liability company, then there are more procedures and rules to consider. In case you are in doubt about the kind of structure to start a company in the Netherlands or you lack in time to prepare the right documents, contact Intercompany Solutions to arrange everything within a few days.

What you need to start a company in the Netherlands

One of the main structures in the Netherlands for business is the “Besloten Vennootschap”, abbreviated as BV and in English known as the limited liability company (LLC). It is the most used structure to start a company in the Netherlands, mainly because of the following requirements:

  • A share capital deposit of minimum € 1,-.
  • Registered shareholders.
  • Having a shareholder’s liability limited to the paid-up capital.
  • Founding members as companies or individuals.
  • One or more directors.

Next to the above you also need a Dutch business address to start a company in the Netherlands. This is also needed for the registration of the company, same as the bank account. Intercompany Solutions can arrange these to make sure registration can proceed. They can find for you a suitable address to establish your business and open a bank account to proceed with the acquired money transactions. One of the benefits of having a Dutch bank account is the speed the transactions take place. Furthermore you will enjoy other benefits of owning a Dutch bank account if you do business with other Dutch companies. If your headquarters is in a country outside of Europe, having a Dutch bank account is highly recommended.

Experts for compliance and procedures

In all the mentioned requirements Intercompany Solutions can guide you through the applicable procedures. You read this information on to check what to expect if you start a company in the Netherlands. Soon you will discover how they can be of use, especially with all the legal steps to follow. They can contact you with the required experts in the Netherlands who can draft the documents necessary. For example, the can recommend a notary to draft the articles of the association and the formation deed. The advice of the notary will definitely become of use. He or she can remind you to verify specific aspects like the name of the company and documents to register at the commercial registry of the Netherlands. The notaries and lawyers assigned by Intercompany Solution are professionals in the Dutch law, but also the international business and regulations in countries like yours. If your plan is to start a company in the Netherlands with Intercompany Solutions, you are sure you follow the right procedures with the compliance according to the regulations and laws of the Netherlands.

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